phil davies

Like the great masters of this tradition, Poussin, David, Ingres and Picasso, Davies is a skilful exponent of pictorial theatre. In fact, he describes his practice as of someone who writes the play, directs the actors, designs and makes the props and lights the stage, a highly unusual definition of painting but entirely appropriate as Davies is an unusual painter. He believes that mystery can be a potent force in a painted image, that the sense of painting should emerge slowly. He believes that paintings should have undercurrents as well as surface currents. He believes in ambiguity and in the tension generated by opposites.

Press Release: Modern British Art at Taunton’s Brewhouse

Modern British Art at Taunton’s Brewhouse

Taunton, March 15, 2018 - The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre celebrates the arrival of spring with a fresh exhibition of paintings by modern British artist, Philip Davies. The show – entitled Where To From Here? - runs from March 23. It features new work from this highly accomplished Yorkshire-born painter, with his trademark subtle textures and palettes, vivid imagery and occasional wry humour.

A graduate of Loughborough College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, Philip established himself as part of the modern British art scene after winning the Royal Overseas League Painting Prize in 1986. He has shown his work in a number of galleries in the UK and abroad, including the Christopher Hull Gallery in London’s Mayfair and Six Chapel Row in Bath.

Vanessa Lefrancois, Chief Executive of The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, said: “When I first saw Phil’s paintings at the open studio event organised by Somerset Art Works, I was immediately struck by their theatrical nature. Each image appears to capture a fleeting scene in a fictional story. Phil expertly creates ambiguity and artistic tensions as humour is tempered by darker metaphors. I can think of no better place to exhibit Phil’s work, than at a venue where visual and performance art exist cheek-by- jowl. I hope many people enjoy Phil Davis’s latest collection of work. He is indeed one of Britain’s most interesting modern artists.”

The exhibition closes on May 5, 2018. Admission is free.